Easy Peel-N-Stick Voice Recorders



This multi-function audio recorder is perfect for any promotion or celebration! Botski recorders can be easily programmed from your computer using the USB uploader and microchip (included). They hold any recording up to 5 minutes.

Your personalized messages or songs will playback 2 ways:

  • Press the “play” button
  • Instantly plays when opening ANY store-bought greeting card.

Botski voice recorders can easily attach to any greeting card with their peel-n-stick adhesive. Great Idea!

Now you can personalize any greeting card with your favorite MP3 or memorable voice recording and create fabulous keepsakes!


  • Upload from your Computer or Press to Record -Your Choice!
  • USB programmer included
  • All Components are hidden in white casing
  • Re-records up to 50x
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Free Shipping!
  • Adhere anywhere, just peel-n-stick
  • Contact Us for quantities over 250

Check out some exciting ideas on how to personalize using Botski recording devices! https://www.instagram.com/theamazingbotski/

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Order Set of 5 – $49.95 USD, Order set of 10 $99.00 USD, Order set of 20 (15% off) $168.00 USD, Order set of 50 (15% off) $421.00 USD, Order set of 100 (18% off) $812.00 USD, Order set of 250 (20% off) $1,980.00 USD


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